To My Dear Husband

Last but Not Least

Thank you for supporting me through all my crazy. The anxiety, the bipolarity, the insecurities and rash behaviors associated with my borderline personality disorder. Thank you for staying home with me when I just couldn’t leave and then hopping up and going out when I felt I could. You’ve never complained and always stood by my side, showing me more love than I ever thought I deserved.  Thank you for keeping me alive.


7 thoughts on “To My Dear Husband

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  4. Seems to me you’ve got a star of a husband… But also that he has a wonderful wife. Not that it means I understand better than others, but I do know what the ups and downs of bipolar can do to a person. I was diagnosed bipolar II last year and there has been talk of borderline as well… Anyway… It’s a beautiful thank you speech!


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