I am a Canadian woman living in America, green card and all! In the 32 years I lived in Canada no one could figure out what was wrong with me and just gave me antidepressants which of course made the mania worse. Scary! *shudder* About 10 years ago after an extremely bad bout of depression and mania, my husband took me to a shrink who finally diagnosed me with Bipolar 1, Borderline Personality Disorder, Social Anxiety and Agoraphobia. While I was grateful to have a diagnosis none of the meds work, some even made it worse. I started to just hope that by some magic it would go away and just lived everyday giving myself to whatever mood took me without analyzing myself at all. Recently thanks to a Mr. Stephen Fry I decided to accept my diagnosis and write about how I felt on a daily basis. Thus abipolarsreality was born. I didn’t feel right doing my creative work on it though.

So I created a separate blog because I also wanted to be able to create. I want to do writing, taking pictures and painting not just when my creativity hits me. I wanted to be able to do it on a day to day basis, so I took my short stories, pictures and moved them here so I could push myself into creating even when my moods are not necessarily into it.

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  1. Bravo! I am so glad you are letting your creative, expressive feelings and sentiments be published in this special blog. My spouse is bipolar and at times is very nearly impossible to understand. By reading your work I will hopefully be able to understand the trials and tribulations my wife experiences. Thank you for posting .


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