Let Me Out

Terminal Time

Hour 1 : I would be with my husband I would never go anywhere alone. So he would get to listen to me complain and bitch and have several panic attacks about being trapped at the airport.
Hour 2 -3: I would shop. Little knickknacks that have the name of whatever city/state I am in to add to my growing collection. Plus at least 1 shot glass and hoodie.
Hour 4: My tummy would have settled enough from the stress of being trapped at the airport to grab some food and drink.
Hour 5: I’d start feeling sick again because of the food and I would go through another hour of anxiety attacks and my husband trying to keep me from going batshit crazy.
Hour 6: My body and mind would be worn out so I would likely ask my husband to tell me a story about the people he sees around us and doze off snuggled up against him.

In the end I would get on the plane which in of itself would be a miracle 😛


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