I Miss The Ocean

Tosh. Oh No

Can’t Watch This

I like Daniel Tosh. I think he is a funny comic and when I saw that he was to have his own tv show I thought it would be pretty hilarious. However his show consisted of vomiting, violence, self-inflicted pain, let’s face it, it is pretty damned offensive. I’ve tried watching it a few times but every time I’ve had to cover my eyes or plug my ears at least once during it.

Maybe if I was in my teens I would find it more amusing. It definitely is the one show that I would consider cringe worthy and impossible to watch.

I used to have an iron tummy, if this show proves anything it is that I am weak and kittenish.

Do You Hear What I Hear

Full Disclosure

My husband says ignorance is bliss but I always worry about people thinking the worst of me. Even the people who are nearest and dearest to me.

Would it validate all the things that make my borderline personality disorder what it is or would it create an almost therapeutic wave as my reality shifts.

What if people actually thought what I thought they thought. That would be horrible way to live with the rest of your life.

Nope don’t think I would want it if I had to keep it forever. I am not secure enough to do it

Just Golden

Wrong turns

Just recently my husband thought he as taking the turn to go into Golden, CO. We were going to stop there for the night since we were traveling from Los Angeles to Omaha.

We eventually ended up there but the way he took had these spectacular sheer cliffs, beautiful treescape nene bubbling rapids. If we hadn’t had out dogs with us I would have pulled over and just sat there on the end of the river and drank it all in.

My camera battery had run out about 15 mins before this so all I have is this beautiful visual in my head because words really don’t describe it.

Every-time we take a wrong turn we see something new and interesting!