It’s All About The Noise


My bed time is not set in stone, I often have insomnia or something else going on. I do however have some rituals that help me fall asleep.

I am unable to enjoy silence. I need more than just the sound of the clicks of the air conditioner or the hum of the fan. I need actual noise.

I have several movies that I will turn on as I try to go to sleep. In the past it has been, South Park the Movie, Chronicles of Riddick, Iron Giant or Beauty and the Beast. I know them well. I find the sounds comforting and I don’t need to concentrate on anything. It’s enough to distract me from my own brain, counting the seconds until a favorite quote while I play the movie in my head. It works quite well even if it doesn’t always lull me to sleep.

Lately I play Frozen from Disney several times a night. I can typically dose off right after “Let it go” and I will sleep until the end where Demi Lovato then butchers the same song. (You can agree to disagree I don’t care). This has become my sleep pattern and I repeat it each night. Does it work? Well it is better then laying in bed and not being able to sleep at all or wandering around the house like a zombie trying to find something that won’t create more stress for me.

They say we need silence and no blue light. I disagree though as this works more than anything else does though, even a multitude of sleeping pills don’t work this well.


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