I’ll Eat My Vegetables

Picky Tongues

I had to think long and hard about this as I really enjoy my flavors.
At first I thought that I might give up sweet. Maybe it would help with all those cravings allowing me to finally lose weight. I only am gonna live once though and I love me some pie. I want to eat a piece of pie in every single state after all.

Then I thought about getting rid of spice, at least the heat part. I don’t handle it very well but thy put it in some of the most flavorful foods. Yet I do like the little high I get I when I eat a number 7 pad thai.

So I decided that I would give up bitter, it’s really everything I hate. It ruins beers and wines, makes a lot of vegetables inedible ruins even some meats.

So get rid of bitter, I eat more veggies and meat and maybe skip the sweets once in a while. Who knows it could really change the taste of everything.


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