Life Would Be Better

If I Ruled the World – daily prompt

If I could change one force of nature to make the world a better place I would rule out sickness. No physical or mental. So people could enjoy their lives with one another. So there would be less unnecessary deaths. So everyone could have the option to enjoy the world without fear of contracting some disease.

Where people can go into the sun and enjoy it’s rays without fearing that it is poisoning them and scaring their skin.

Where it’s safe to touch doors and handrails and other peoples hands without instantly needed to sanitize to avoid flus and colds.

Where there are no hidden killers sitting silently in our body hoping to kill us before it is found and we can fight.

Where our minds are not our enemies but our creative friends that help us see the world in a more vibrant way.

I think death is a necessity as it makes room for our children to take over and do what they will to make the world theirs. A soft natural death of falling asleep and never waking up because your body and mind are just plain tired not filled with cancers and heart disease.

Life would be better without the fear of unexpected illness and death always lurking around the corner.


2 thoughts on “Life Would Be Better

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