Too Many Faces

Unsafe Containers

Have you ever had someone say watch your face? I’ve been told that way to many times. I lack poor social skills due to the fact I am/was agoraphobic since I was 18. What does that have to do with this prompt? Well I am unable to hide how I feel ever.

I have visibly sneered at people I don’t know, I have cried in the middle of just about everywhere. I’ve been so exuberantly happy that I look like a psycho! I’ve thrown things in public when angry. Until I get those things in check I would prefer that I keep all of them contained.

Though the happy one is usually silly which makes me not give a flip about what people think, which is nice.


5 thoughts on “Too Many Faces

  1. I had a big problem with eye contact as a child/teen – so bad that my best friend took me aside when I was 14 and said to me, “You MUST start looking at people in the eye!” I felt so humiliated. I have been agoraphobic for the most part for a year, and have the hardest time “showing my face” these days. Thanks for writing this post!!!


  2. I was taught to always look people in the eye when talking and I do that. But, sometimes, holding a gaze can be difficult. It’s like when I smile and my face quivers when I try to hold the smile.
    I am BiPolar too and have been on that roller-coaster ride of emotions. But the medication is keeping the extremes in check.


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