Just Golden

Wrong turns

Just recently my husband thought he as taking the turn to go into Golden, CO. We were going to stop there for the night since we were traveling from Los Angeles to Omaha.

We eventually ended up there but the way he took had these spectacular sheer cliffs, beautiful treescape nene bubbling rapids. If we hadn’t had out dogs with us I would have pulled over and just sat there on the end of the river and drank it all in.

My camera battery had run out about 15 mins before this so all I have is this beautiful visual in my head because words really don’t describe it.

Every-time we take a wrong turn we see something new and interesting!


Here Be Ugly

013Snapshot Stories

She stood in front of the mirror with all her newly bought makeup, watching YouTube videos over and over again to get the application just right. She moved brushes carefully over her face following each tiny detail of everything she was watching. She kept going until her skin looked flawless, her eyes were larger and expertly lined and her lips were rich and full.
She looked at herself and her eyes got teary as she realized she had reached her goal of makeup perfection but she still could not see past the fictional ugliness she saw in herself.
She took a picture trying to mark this as a memory of the good job she could do. Trying to look at it positively but all she could see was the boring hazel of her eyes, the crooked natural line of her lips and her too round face. Everything was off, like a horrible mask. No matter how long she looked at herself she just found more and more flaws, a lifeless fa├žade.
No matter what she did the ugly she saw was always be at the forefront.