Verbal Ticks

My most common saying is: My Brain She is Broke

To My BFF : Our Brains are Jerks! So keep fighting!!!



Vacation From My Brain

Witness Protection – The Daily Prompt
I am bipolar
I have borderline personality disorder
I have social anxiety
I am agoraphobic

For some reason though these things disappear when I am on vacation in another state. I don’t know anyone where I live currently but maybe its because I know if I mess up they will never see me again. So I am more relaxed. I can go to fairs and beaches and water parks (with the fish and mammals). I can swim in the hotel pool in fact you will rarely get me out of it. I’ll eat in restaurants and go to bars. All things that I normally would never do.

That’s not to say I don’t have some anxiety it just is overridden by the joy of doing things.

I’ve just recently started leaving my home to do small things like walk around the block. However I went to Vegas for my mom in laws wedding and did things I have never done before. I went in a cab, I went down to the casino a couple times on my own and I ate at two different restaurants. So I think complete strangers are the only ones that get to really witness my accomplishments.