A new painting I did.


LaLa Land

Writing Space

I think I really do my best writing while I am laying in bed. You know that little bit of time you have between going to sleep and hitting REM? Where your fantasies and realities collide and you have complete control over the way everything goes.

I love that it, it’s a warm safe place away from people and noise and it allows my imagination to go while. Plus since I am not completely asleep I can quickly jot down everything that has passed through the web of my mind before we lose it.

I don’t consider the physical writing part to count, it’s just a necessary means to and end. 🙂

I’m Annoyed

The Daily Post is usually fun for me to do, it’s also usually fun for me to read. I am having some major issues with it though. There are some people who posts like 13 different pingbacks that are completely unrelated to the suggestion. Luckily I have learned to recognize their blog and no longer read their posts. I don’t care if they are the most enlightened creative wonderful blogger in the world. I’m not going to read your blog if you do stuff like that.

Feels a lot like cheating to me. That’s of course just my opinion.

Peace out!