Dot Dot Dot

My favorite punctuation is the period. I use it often, I use it freely and I don’t care if it is write or wrong…. Hah.

I don’t know if I use it correctly but I love to it as a way of saying and so on or I could go on but I won’t. Like yada, yada. Maybe as are you getting this? I don’t know but it works just fine for me.



Living Life

Right to Brag

Yesterday I went down to Hollywood and visited Madame Tussad’s Wax Museum. I’ve mentioned several times that I am doing exposure therapy to help with my social anxiety and agoraphobia.
I planned to at least get there, if I didn’t go in at least I would get to see some neat stuff on the drive. I only have 9 more days in LA, then we move back home to Omaha.
I am trying to see what I can and was quite proud of myself for not only going into the museum but being silly and enjoying myself when I was there instead of concentrating on my anxiety!

Here’s some silly for ya, and woot go me!!!!

Reading for Fun

No Apologies

I absolutely adore reading supernatural novels. Teen, Adult, I don’t care. I absorb them like a sponge. I will read any of these books in 1 day if I sit down and focus. They are like brain candy. All the Vampires and Werewolves, Succubi and Witches and everything in between. A Few of my favorite authors are : Richelle Mead, Rachel Caine, J.R Rain, Patricia Briggs. I do like the Sookie books to but somewhere around 10 I just started wondering what kind of shifter she would have sex with next.

I don’t make time for reading like I should but when I do, I can guarantee it is going to be one of these authors or someone similar I will be curling up with.