She’s A Vapid Whore

Binding Judgment

Now if you have been to SoCal, you will know that a majority of people are very self involved. They think they have the right of way regardless of where they are walking or driving. In grocery stores they block the isles without thought to the people who need to pass and blatantly gossip and say hurtful things about others within hearing distance.

Is this all the people of SoCal? Of course not. I live here, I always let people by when walking on the sidewalk. I never block lanes and always say excuse me while struggling to get past those very people who I am talking about. I always give a dollar or two to the people that stand outside of stores or even homeless people. I’ve had pretty girls say things about my weight or look at me with disgust. It’s actually one of the reasons I am going back to Omaha.

It’s clouded my judgment. So much so that if there were people I could have maybe had a chance of being friends, my mind is already put them in the same place as all the mean, vapid whores who live here. (oh I’m talking about both sexes here). I wish I could think differently. It’s just too late to change my mind. I refuse to put myself out there to be mocked or hurt. I’ve never felt like I could belong here. Perhaps in the end it was the judgment of myself that put me at the disadvantage.