Peanut Butter, Jelly Time.

Unexpected Guests – Daily Prompt

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

I was on my second week of going out and walking around the block by myself. Not a big issue for most however six months ago I wasn’t leaving my home at all. Usually I stayed hidden behind my curtains sneaking peaks at the world and wishing I was a part of it.
I arrived home to find a car in my drive way. It was only noon and My Boobear never brought anyone home without asking as I had serious issues dealing with people. I lacked social skills and would have horrible anxiety attacks whenever I had to deal with anyone. I figured it was a salesperson and would just slipped past the living room and go and hide upstairs.
When I walked in the door there were two pairs of shoes. A man’s dress shoe and a females flat heel. I could hear laughter and the hum of conversation coming from the next room. I slid past the door quietly standing at an angle where I could peer in and no one could see me.
My husband was in a rather animated conversation his hands waving about and smile on his face. There was a rather mundane couple sitting on the couch eating my peanut butter and jelly cake. A recipe I had been trying to perfect for some time and was actually horrified to see anyone trying.
I walked into another room pacing my heart pounding in anger and in stress. Why was Boo sharing THAT cake? Why were there people here at all? My thoughts racing going through possible scenario’s failing at figuring it out. I decided to breathe.
Breath in, breath out. Nice and slow. Relax. Breathe.. “I said Breathe dammit. Come on you are better then this.”
Finally the room had stopped spinning and I thought to myself you are an actress, just act. (this often helped me do things I was uncomfortable with)
I walked into the living room with a smile plastered on my face. (I hope it didn’t look as stiff as it felt) My hubby stood up and walked over to hug me and whispered in my ear, “You are gonna love this.”
For some reason their names didn’t connect when my husband introduced them, this is how I heard it.
Mumble mumble and mumble meet my wife Colleen, she was the one who made the winning recipe.
I what?
They started shoving a check in my hands and talked about photographers and tv shows and my world just hollowed to a pinpoint. Next thing I know I’m waking up on my bed. I look around and the house is super quiet. It’s only noon. I call for hubby but there is no answer. I guess he went back to work. I wonder how he got me in my jammies?
I walk downstairs and the house is a mess, the blinds and curtains are closed and there is half eaten baking failures thrown all about.
I call hubby at work to ask about the couple and he says he hasn’t been home today, I must have been having another of my lucid dreams.
Of course it was. Maybe I could make it real! Maybe I should go outside today? Nahh I’ll just bake and eat cake.

Save A Life

The Kindness of Stranger – Daily Prompt

I’m older and slower then the other dogs here and it’s hard for me see. Sometimes I miss with my tongue when trying to kiss people, they has flavor but I just hit the holes in the gate. I’m 15 years old and cry a lot at night. I’m lonely. All my cage mates are gone. I can still smell the humans coming through though. Sometimes they don’t even stop by to see me.
I love my daily walk I get fresh air and when I see Jack come to take me for a walk I am excited. He starts taking me a different way and I start to shiver and quake with excitement. It makes me pee a little by accident on the floor. Jack understands though.
I’m taken to a room with 3 strange humans. A male, A female and one that is smaller then me! My tail starts wagging and I get a lot of pets. This is so much fun and feels good. I can hear them talking but the only words I understand are walk, drive, food, good.
The male reaches down to attach a leash to my collar and Jack bends down looking me in the eyes. He looks happy and says good boy! I’m a good boy! They start taking me away from Jack I am afraid and excited. We are going in a car!! I love hanging my head out of the window.
It’s a short trip and then we go into a building. It smells like people and a strange dog. A young pup comes up to me, smelling me and licking at me. I remember to be patient. They let me off the leash and I cautiously explore, finding a big comfy cushion to lie on. They call me a good boy and say the word home. I think I’m staying here. I nervously look around and close my eyes and sleep as I think of the word home.