Listen To Your Heart

Powerful Suggestion

When I was growing up I looked at people probably more clinically then most. I didn’t trust anyone. I was hurt plenty and often. I made poor choices in friends and dates. I chose them completely on looks or things that they were involved in. I wanted to get married and be rich, I didn’t want to be poor anymore. I wanted pretty people around me because if they were pretty then so was I. I was great at choosing people who were ugly inside. I never followed my heart about a person. In fact if I felt anything remotely close to caring about someone who wouldn’t fit into these things I idealized I quickly and harshly ended it. Man I was stupid.

I wish I had of been told to just follow my heart. I would have likely had better quality relationships both with friends and the people I dated. I possibly would have more active friendships now. I say possibly cause of the whole crazy thang.

My husband was the first time I followed my heart and that worked out better than I ever imagined.


3 thoughts on “Listen To Your Heart

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