A New Brother

First Sight
Puppy Love
*pounce pounce*
she just bounds around in excitement waiting to see him.
*pounce pounce*
I lift her up to see his tiny frame and you can see the joy.
Tail wagging she licks at his face.
She follows him from room to room.
They are always together.
She loves him and he her.
Two puppies becoming a family.
What’s cuter?


Listen To Your Heart

Powerful Suggestion

When I was growing up I looked at people probably more clinically then most. I didn’t trust anyone. I was hurt plenty and often. I made poor choices in friends and dates. I chose them completely on looks or things that they were involved in. I wanted to get married and be rich, I didn’t want to be poor anymore. I wanted pretty people around me because if they were pretty then so was I. I was great at choosing people who were ugly inside. I never followed my heart about a person. In fact if I felt anything remotely close to caring about someone who wouldn’t fit into these things I idealized I quickly and harshly ended it. Man I was stupid.

I wish I had of been told to just follow my heart. I would have likely had better quality relationships both with friends and the people I dated. I possibly would have more active friendships now. I say possibly cause of the whole crazy thang.

My husband was the first time I followed my heart and that worked out better than I ever imagined.