The Sweetest Scent Is Not A Rose

Nosey Delights

I think the most enticing, sweet, sensual, comforting scent is the lilac. It is so full of body and it fills the air with such a complicated flavor that you can’t help but be enticed by it. Were it a poison I would sip it willingly, inhale it deeply and fall into its succulent depths.

Not Myself

Generous Genies

I was ejected from my bottle because I would easily grant any wish that any human would ask without thinking about the consequences. I mean it didn’t affect me right? I would just grant them then go back to the luxurious life of my glass bottle. They threw me out and gave me 300 days to give my last 3 wishes away. I wanted to make it count.

In my first 206 days as a human I watched humanity looking for someone to give my wishes to. I saw a lot of homeless people who were not really homeless. I saw poor people who spent their money foolishly on alcohol and cigarettes and drugs. I saw animal owners who treated their animals horrific leaving them to suffer in the heat and cold. I saw children suffering in illness and people punished because of the beliefs of others. I didn’t want to give my wishes to anyone.

Now I knew I needed to find the light in someone, anyone that could actually show me that they could think of something besides themselves. I wandered the cities, the countryside and the roads. Just sitting and watching.

There were a few people who I had my eye on.

There was 8-year-old girl Rebecca in the children’s ICU. She really only had a little over a month to live but she took every spare moment she had to read to the younger children in the unit. She’d had the nurses wheel her to the center of the room and read in her loudest of loud voices so that every single child could hear. I could hear her wish for the end of the suffering of all the children.

There was Debbie a 45-year-old woman who ran a farm for abused animals. She spent every moment of her day and every penny she had making sure the animals were not only happy and healthy but well-loved. I watched her take practically feral animals that most would have put down and turn them into loving creatures. I could see her wish to have more land and more help so she could help even more animals.

There was Sophie 65 years old and a widow who turned her home into a home for battered woman. She filled every last room with cots. She used every last cent of the insurance money her husband left her. Her pension spent on food to fill the cupboard so their bellies could be full. Her wish was to make every women safe.

I could give any of these females my wishes. Each would use them with care and the thought of others in their heart.

I wondered to myself, could I? Would it change anything in the world or would it just make a dent in this painful place that is called earth.

I knew time was growing short and I had to make a choice. So I went and visited each person, speaking kindly to them of their wondrous deeds. I told them they would each get 1 wish to do with as they wanted.

They made the wishes I knew they would and I felt my body grow incorporeal as I moved on to the next life and what waited for me there.

Romantic Afterglow

An Odd Trio

I just stepped away from James, he was curled up with all the blankets snoring peacefully on the rug in front of the fireplace.

We’d thrown our clothes in the washing machine on the way in since we had got caught in a downpour from the car to the house. I wrapped myself in a beach towel I saw flung over the back one of the kitchen chairs.

I hummed quietly to myself as a grabbed together the fixings for the perfect raining day meal. Grilled cheese And tomatoe bisque. I carefully put our food together and got it lined up on a bed tray ready to awaken J with a romantic lunch. I added some candles and a few rose buds left in a vase and started to head back with the food down to snuggle up and keep warm.

As I wandered down the stairs precariously balancing the food on the tray a little black cat darted out in front of me, causing me to tilt to my left. I almost dropped a soup bowl as I juggled and wobbled and flattened everything out.

When I arrived downstairs Jim was awake and his beautiful blue eyes smiled at me as he helped me down with the food then myself. As we started to nibble at our food I asked him where the cat had come from and he just looked at me weird, saying there was never a cat at all.

Dot Dot Dot

My favorite punctuation is the period. I use it often, I use it freely and I don’t care if it is write or wrong…. Hah.

I don’t know if I use it correctly but I love to it as a way of saying and so on or I could go on but I won’t. Like yada, yada. Maybe as are you getting this? I don’t know but it works just fine for me.