Home Is Where The Heart Is

An Ounce of Home

Striking a match Jenni looked over her shoulder one final time at the house she and her husband had called home for the past several years. As she leaned forward to catch the gasoline aflame she smile once more before picking up her various pieces of luggage and throwing them in her car.

She hummed quietly as she drove away thinking about the new life she was starting for herself. An explosion filled the air as she drove away and quietly patted the open cooler beside her.

Looking inside she grinned to herself as she remembered tearing her husbands chest apart with the tree clippers. She knew she would never have to worry. She laughed as she said to herself “Home is where the heart is!”

Home Sweet Home

Gone with the Windfall

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?

Actually this one is quite easy. There’s really only one thing that I want that would cost me a lot of money. Actually I would even consider it a need.

I want to own a home. Stability is very important to the fragile minds of the mentally ill. However all my life I’ve moved constantly. Every couple of years (sometimes less) my parents would move from house to house. Never a care of how changing schools would affect us. It created an almost transient/gypsy like need in me. I couldn’t settle down once I was on my own either. I moved from apartment to apartment and city to city. I even changed countries!

Several years ago my husband and I bought a house, it never felt like a home though. So 3 years ago when my husband said his employers were interested in him working in California I of course jumped on it. The last 2.5 years all I’ve wanted was a home. I need a home. So much that we are moving back to Nebraska. If you have any idea how beautiful SoCal is pretty much all the time and you know what living in the Midwest is, you know I am damned serious about settling down and buying a house.

So the answer to this one is easy. Buy a home outright. No loans. It also gets us the added benefit for saving towards retirement without having to pay of the 30 year loan!

Home Sweet Home

Great Expectations – Daily Prompt

My husband and I plan to buy a home by the end of the year. I don’t mean a house though that is likely what it will be but a home.

Before we came out to California 3 years ago we purchased a house and lived there for several years. It was a brand new build, it was beige and it was like living in an apartment. Even though it was ours we never did anything to make it a home. It was nice enough don’t get me wrong. We rent it out now in fact so people have no issues with it. It just wasn’t our home. We bought quickly and never looked at anything but a few model homes to decide what we wanted. There was an urgency we felt that was imagined. We needed to stop living in apartments. Never felt right in that house though.

This time we are doing things the right way. We’ve given ourselves a reasonable goal and actually know the things that we want in our forever home. The things that will start to make it feel like ours as opposed to a building we are just living in. We’re making a list and we’re checking it 1000 times and we’re not going to compromise.

So at the end of the year we will own a home. I can’t wait to start making memories there.