LaLa Land

Writing Space

I think I really do my best writing while I am laying in bed. You know that little bit of time you have between going to sleep and hitting REM? Where your fantasies and realities collide and you have complete control over the way everything goes.

I love that it, it’s a warm safe place away from people and noise and it allows my imagination to go while. Plus since I am not completely asleep I can quickly jot down everything that has passed through the web of my mind before we lose it.

I don’t consider the physical writing part to count, it’s just a necessary means to and end. 🙂



I look in the mirror and see my age.
I hate what I see, the faint wrinkles.
why do we change?
I looked at myself and saw the freckles on my cheeks,
The used to be considered cute.
Now they are age spots, a sign of my body decaying.
Why do we age?
I look and see the weight I’ve gained, I used to be a mere 90, sure my bones were showing but I felt sexy.
Now my body is bulging and scarred from the weight I continue to gain.
Why can’t we stay as we are?
I would take being happy and healthy and not filled with self hate.
Why can’t I love myself.

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Memory on the Menu
I think the best memories are the memories that come from scent. This morning for example I was eating a piece of raisin toast and the smell of it triggered the memories of camping with my family. Camping was the only time I really enjoyed being a part of my family.
I think that smells in general can bring about the best memories.. Would that a sweet haze? The memories are clear and vibrant so I would say no.

There is a smell in nature that reminds me often of my first kiss. 8 years old on a sunny summer afternoon surrounded by long grass. I always thought that these memories had no affect on me or that they just never happened until *sniff* they pop into my head.

Music will give me both negative and positive memories but scents always only bring about the positive. So memories associated with smells are my favorites 😀