Beer and Tabu

Seasonal Scent

Summer was really the one time when I was a child that I got some freedoms my parents were often drunk and too self involved to notice anything. My loved the cologne Tabu and wore it daily and heavily.

When I would come home after a wonderful day of doing whatever I felt like doing my parents would gather us kids up and put on the record player for the family sing a long. My dad would pull out his guitar my mother would separate us into girl and boy parts and we would just sing and have a wonderful time.

Those two scents together always bring back those happy memories!


Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Climate Control


She awoke feeling bleh. Her mind was a cloud and every inch of her skin was crawling with impatience. She knew that her depression had set in hard and deep.

She knew that even though the bed and sleep seemed like the most comforting thing to her at the moment she had to fight against the darkness that was creeping into her mind.

Moving to her computer she started to put on the makeup she kept there for such times and took the time and attention to feel good about what she’d done before getting dressed in something comfortable and cute.

Look how you want to feel right?

She headed toward the beach her anger at life building, causing her foolish thoughts of crashing into the assholes that so often filled LA roads. Just running her car into one of these idiots might lift her mood, but she drove on until she reached the coast.

Getting out of the car was the hardest part, already filled with self-hate and no self-esteem coming to the beach was always hard, too many beautiful people. Even though most of her was covered up she was conscious of her weight and scars.

Once away from the safety of her car she started walking along the path, the sun shining from the sky down on her. The ocean was a clear blue with frothy white caps. It was picturesque and peaceful.

Something strange began to happen, her face started to move. Her cheeks were dimpling and her teeth started to show as she smiled! That’s right she smiled. The more she stood outside the more she smiled and the better her mood was.

After 1 hour of walking the sand crests and oceanic view her mood had done a complete 180. She was happy almost to the point of skipping and her day looked hopeful.

Was it the sand, the ocean or the sun? I have no idea but I think the weather had something to do with it.

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Memory on the Menu
I think the best memories are the memories that come from scent. This morning for example I was eating a piece of raisin toast and the smell of it triggered the memories of camping with my family. Camping was the only time I really enjoyed being a part of my family.
I think that smells in general can bring about the best memories.. Would that a sweet haze? The memories are clear and vibrant so I would say no.

There is a smell in nature that reminds me often of my first kiss. 8 years old on a sunny summer afternoon surrounded by long grass. I always thought that these memories had no affect on me or that they just never happened until *sniff* they pop into my head.

Music will give me both negative and positive memories but scents always only bring about the positive. So memories associated with smells are my favorites 😀

I Love You

Pick Me Up

What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

No matter how badly I feel emotionally or physically hearing the words I love you immediately make me smile.  They make my heart feel warm and for some reason it allows me to relax for the moment.

These three words say so many unsaid things. They say I support you, I understand you, I need you, I want you, I’ll be there for you. They tell me just how special I am to have earned them.

They are the three words that keep me alive.